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Road Users Association actively shapes the future of the industry, working with businesses, industry experts, CEOs, politicians, researchers and everyone else involved in road transport – at regional, and national levels. Our Services and focused initiatives are directed into four key advocacy areas: safety, economy, community, and environment. The aim is to drive forward critical solutions for the road transport industry with leading international organisations, governments and policy-influencers to achieve change.

Commuter Pass

Commuter engagement remains center focus of the road users association,…

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Road Forum

The Road Transport Forum was set up to promote and advance the interests…

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Rural -Urban Connectivity

Poor road connection leads to poverty in the mainstream as people and…

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Safety School

Commuter Safety School teaches safety measures, first aid and emergency…

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Transport Workers

Transportation sector is an integral part of every economy, hence the…

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Emergency Rescue

Fast transportation of qualified medical personnel to provide correct…

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Vehicle Management

People and goods are conveyed to destination through various medium…

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Traffic Management

We collaborate with road traffic management agencies of the government…

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Road Users Association (RUA) is a not for profit organisation, actively involved in the transportation sector, providing innovative support and solutions to enhance the operation of transport workers and passengers. We leverage technology to efficiently resolve issues that would improve travel time and safety of lives and goods on the road.

Why can’t using public transport be as easy as ordering pizza?”, ensued. We’ve built a system, Passenger Cloud, that makes it easy for our customers to manage the data and content in the apps.

The centralized and digital platform for traveling passengers, operated by the Road Users Association (RUA) records and tracks all road emergency activities in the Nigeria.


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