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When it comes to sustainability and corporate responsibility...

Commuter Safety

Road safety, as it concerns persons and goods takes center stage...

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NRUA continually embraces mutually benefitted partnership...

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National Road Users Association is a unified body of road marshals, transport experts, and commuters with a common interest to foster lasting impacts in the road transport sector, leveraging unique partnerships from different sectors and communities, all in the bid to ensure persons and goods move freely and securely on the road.

The dynamic operations of our Road Marshalls in the area of traffic management and commuters emergency rescue has a growing positive recognition in the public space, as more and more people are beginning embrace our services. We  continue to leverage on technology to advance our work in this area. 

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When it comes to the issue of road safety, every road user is ones neighbor because the life you safe today can safe yours tomorrow.

Every day the world shifts more towards new digital media and interactive experiences. With rapidly-evolving technologies, changing consumer preferences and oftentimes competing channels, many organizations struggle with how to transform internally to meet the challenges of this new, always connected digital world. GLB can help.

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  • Achieve demonstrated improvements in business performance, service delivery, and customer and employee satisfaction. Transform your contact center with a change in mindset, leadership commitment, and organizational alignment.
  • Migrate from a voice-centric model to omnichannel and web-based systems. Re-channel agent knowledge and skills to address expansion and better service. Help everyone break away from constantly—and sometimes slowly—resolving the same problems for customer after customer.
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  • Get the skills, guidance, and resources you need to make a big difference in your contact center operations that can lead to a big difference in the quality of your customer experience.
Retail & Distribution
  • Process Maturity Assessment

    We assess an organisation’s processes to measure their maturity level in terms of process capability and performance. We then identify potential gaps that need to be resolved as well as “Quick Wins”.

  • Process Improvement and Governance

    We redesign our customer’s processes to create value-based improvements. This is followed by quantifying the subsequent business value generated by these improvements and prioritising the implementation stages. Global.Co also helps to sustain improvements through the introduction of process governance in terms of the organisation’s guiding principles, reviews, and performance monitoring mechanisms.

  • Process and ICT Alignment

    We review the organisation’s current processes and identify new processes that are better aligned with its business objectives. After this is established, we outline functional requirements for system implementation, recommend the most appropriate solution, and develop a comprehensive business transition plan.

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