Who We Are

We are a National oriented organisation, fostering innovation and development in the road transport sector. Coordinating the activites of various stakeholders in collaboration with government and non-governmental agencies.

We are committed to the lives of Commuters. Worldwide, 1.3 million people, including 500 children, are killed on the roads every year. We are committed to the lives of Commuters. We helpĀ raise awareness and disseminate easy-to-understand educational messages with the aim of saving and protecting the maximum number of lives on the roads.


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Vision & Purpose

To be the first res-ponder to issues concerning road and commuters in Nigeria. Providing innovative solutions to secure the interests and lives of every commuter.

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Mission Statement

To lead solutions to solve present and future challenges of the road transport sectors, with focus on lives, road, vehicles and goods. Leveraging on technology and human capital development.

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Our Values

We value integrity, experience, teamwork and transparency in all our dealings with members, partners and general stakeholders.

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National Road Users Association is at the forefront of driving progress in the road transport industry for its members. Our reach extends to various organisations and agencies operating in mobility and logistics, as well as regulators, thought leaders and disruptors.

We Offer:
  • Advocacy and training
  • Emergency rescue and support
  • Road traffic and commuter support

Everything that happens on road is our business.

As a member of the National Road Users Association, get issues that matter to you and your organisation put into policy debates and dialogues.

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