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The National Road Users Association exist to serve the interest of the road transport community.

We are committed to innovation, ideas and activities that foster development, process improvement and quality service delivery among members, and non members on the road. Our services and associated advocacy is focused on road, commuters, vehicles and goods.

Traffic Management

We collaborate with road traffic management agencies of the government like Lagos…

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Vehicle Management

People and goods are conveyed to destination through various medium on the road. We…

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Emergency Rescue

Fast transportation of qualified medical personnel to provide correct diagnosis at…

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Transport Workers

Transportation sector is an integral part of every economy, hence the need to continue…

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Safety School

Commuter Safety School teaches safety measures, first aid and emergency rescue to…

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Rural -Urban Connectivity

Poor road connection leads to poverty in the mainstream as people and goods get stuck. Road…

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Road Forum

The Road Transport Forum was set up to promote and advance the interests of the road…

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Commuter Pass

Commuter engagement remains center focus of the road users association, as we continue…

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Everything that happens on road is our business.

As a member of the National Road Users Association, get issues that matter to you and your organisation put into policy debates and dialogues.

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