Transportation sector is an integral part of every economy, hence the need to continue to empower stakeholders.

We provide industry relevant training and support to educate commercial road transport sector including drivers, and bus conductor. Our orientation programs holds at various motor parks in the state for task-force units  commercial vehicles. We seeks to educate, train, connect and collaborate, as we provide requisite knowledge to help them carry out their activities in the state in a peaceful and non-violent way to further improve the image of the state as a peaceful and organised metropolitan city.

Commercial Transport Training

Road Users Association empowers commercial transport workers, especially for drivers and bus conductors with requisite skills to help improve quality service delivery and to create a positive image for the transport sector.

Motor Pack Space Management

Motor parks are notorious for poor space management, our training  helps them develop competence to effectively organise the space at the motor parks. Leveraging on innovation in public space management.

Special Services

  • Driver Narcotic Detection

    We equip commercial park executives with requisite skills and technical know how to get their bus drivers, conductors and taskforce tested for narcotic and other similar drugs to avoid exposing commuter’s lives to dangerous driving and uncivil conduct on the road.

  • Park Hoodlum Orientation.

    Commercial motor parks in Nigeria, especially Lagos are known as havens for hoodlums and touts from the street. We partner with rehabs and various organisation to rehabilitate some of the hoodlum at the parks to skilled men and women.

  • Ticket Sales and Inspection.

    Lack of coordination and poor ticket sales and inspection by commercial transport taskforce causes issues at the parks and on the express, distressing commuters and disturbing the flow of traffic. We provide solutions to  help address this common practice by the taskforce.

Special Solutions

Amidst many challenges we face in our transportation sector, we seek to collaborate with willing partners locally and nationally to provide solutions to issues and explore opportunities in the sector, in the interest of every commuter.

  • Agbero Orientation Program
  • Driver Narcotic Test Initiative
  • Ticket Sales and Inspection
  • Park Hoodlum Orientation
  • Motor Pack Space Management