The essence of road and its usage is within the scope of commuter’s interest.

Commuter engagement remains center focus of the road users association, as we continue to seek innovative models to implement strategies, and services to in the best interest of commuters. People, places and medium are the three units connector for services and campaigns.

Emergency Response Services

Due to the lack of instant medical attention to accident victims, many people, including children, are killed on the roads every year. Road Users Association is committed to providing responsive emergency services to accident victims on the road through the competence and resources of our partners.

Commuter Safety Pass

The proposed scheme is for all commercial motorist in Lagos, offering commercial services to passengers within the metropolis. The scheme seeks to protect passengers from paying out-of-pocket for medical services when injured or during an accident in the process of commuting.

Special Services

  • Commuter Conflict Settlement

    Conflict management is one of the core training we offer to volunteer road marshals to enable them to manage road conflict to prevent it from hindering the free flow of traffic.

  • First Responder Services

    Our Emergency Response Services unit consists of well trained and certified groups of individuals that are equipped with state of the art communications, rescue equipment, crisis management plans and offer first contact medical attention.

  • Stranded Commuter Transit

    Our SCT services proffer solution to rescue passenger to the menace of commercial vehicles breakdown which occurs on a daily basis due to several reasons, causing passenger in transit to be stranded at a sport, sometimes even at the dangerous delicate express road or highway, making them vulnerable to potential attack by hoodlums.

Special Solutions

All of our services are careful tailored to meet commuter’s need in the context of the environment we operate in, whether at Local, State or National level, and we continue to innovative our model and approaches to ensure effective service delivery.

  • Commuter Safety Pass
  • Stranded Passenger Transit
  • Commuter Conflict Settlement
  • Emergency Rescue Services