We empower with requisite knowledge to improve knowledge on road safety.

Commuter Safety School teaches safety measures, first aid and emergency rescue to commuters of all  ages in Schools at Preschool, Elementary, Basic, Secondary and Tertiary level. With relevant tailored content based on their level of experience and understanding

Safety Training School

Safety Training School offers onsite and offsite training to children and adult on road safety, first aid and emergency rescue. As we explore various benefits of available technology driven safety system and emergency response models.

Safety Campaigns

As part of our core services, we foster, create and support road safety campaigns for commuters. We collaborate with NGOs and Government to bring about the realisation of maximum safety and security of lives and properties on the road.

Special Services

  • Preschool Safety Training

    This program is offered to children from age 1-3 with the aim of catching them young and impacting lasting knowledge and wisdom in their early stage of life’s existence and use of road and road facilities. This training is usually done in partnership with schools and day care centers.

  • General Training 

    General Safety School engages both young and old, without any age barrier to benefit in the safety and emergency training, equipping them with requisite skills and capacity to commuter better and respond effectively to emergencies on the road. The school is committed to promoting road safety and security.

  • Safety Ambassador 

    Influencers from different works of life are carefully selected to represent the face of safety in Nigeria, using their various platforms to engage with their fans and supporter with policies and safety campaigns to create awareness and instigate actions.

Special Solutions

To compliment the effort of the government and other safety agencies we organize Nationwide Safety Campaigns to hold twice a year in conjunction with all car dealers, public and private transport companies, governement agencies and NGOs in Nigeria.

  • Safety Ambassador
  • General Training School
  • Preschool Safety Training
  • Safety Campaigns