We provide effective solutions to solve road traffic problems in major cities.

Road Users Association in partnership with other road traffic management like Lagos State Traffic Management Authourity (LASTMA) and Federal Road Safety to coordinate the flow of traffic on the road, while constantly seeking to curb road congestion and traffic jam within the metropolitan

Highway Traffic

We work with other agencies, highway managers and officials to ensure vehicles and goods are transported without delays. Security is paramount and we collaborate to ensure maximum security.

Event Traffic Management

Event operations planning encompasses advance planning and stakeholder coordination activities conducted for a specific planned special event. Operations planning process steps include: Risk assessment and contingency planning, feasibility study preparation, and traffic management plan development.

Special Services

  • Highway Patrol

    Our highway patrol unit was created primarily for the purpose of overseeing and enforcing traffic safety compliance on roads and highways, or a detail within an existing local or regional police agency that is primarily concerned with such duties.

  • Movement Coordination and  Safety Restriction

    Demarcation, re-routing and blockages during road constructions and road repairs, leaving commuters confused and stressed due to heavy traffic that occurs as a result. Our highly traffic personnel are deployed to support and manage diversion.

  • Rural – Urban Connectivity

    Safely moving people and goods through various road channels and addressing critical issues of security and delays on the road remains focal at the heart of our service.

Highway Support

Mini Highway Service and Repair centre will commence of operation in the mid 2021, to provide road side supoort to travellers with broken down vehicles on the Lagos-Ibadan highway.

  • Highway Patrol
  • Commuters Movement Coordination
  • Rural – Urban Highway Connectivity
  • Responsive Highway Support