People and goods are conveyed to destination through various medium on the road.

We develop solutions to help member organisations track, analyse and improve their fleet operations. We’re passionate about making it easy to manage a fleet so member organisations can spend more time focusing on their own mission. Fleet operations are complex and difficult to manage. People start out trying to use spreadsheets but quickly outgrow them.

Fleets Management System

Our member organisations are passionate about what they do. Road Users Association empowers organisations around the nation, from landscaping companies to public bus fleets and everything in between.

Logistics Management

We develop solutions to optimise and improve members business operation. Our enable member organisations ensure on-time deliveries with real-time route optimisation and end-to-end delivery tracking

Special Services

  • Enhancing fleet maintenance process

    Our solution automates notifications for preventive maintenance reminders, DVIR defects, engine faults and recalls. Easily track and resolve issues through outsourced or in-house maintenance and report on compliance, productivity and costs.

  • Monitor, control and reduce fuel spend

    The solution simplify fuel data collection, improve accuracy and reduce time to insight with a modern fuel management solution. Understand how fuel contributes to cost of ownership, operating costs and optimise usage.

  • Captures fleets data in one place

    Software integrations create a secure connection between different software tools, allowing you to pull data from disparate sources into one place. Our solution can integrate with many of the fleet management tools you use today to pull in relevant data and make it easier to take action on, analyse, and report on— fuel cards, gps and more.

Special Solutions

We engage in creative collaboration with stakeholders, partners, and members to provide solutions to issues facing members and their fleets on the road on a daily basis.

  • Vehicle Management
  • Logistics Management